Yulia 34

The 'Yulia 34' is magnificent; but how did the idea come to life and what is our drive to build this ship?

Around thirty years ago I had the honor of becoming the owner of our family shipyard. Just like the other 6 generations before me I took over the yard from my father Johannes, who unfortunately has passed away in March 2008. I grew up at the yard and from an early age I have learnt a lot from my father, who was a passionate crafts man en did not step aside for any carpentry job. He was ready to take on any challenge, a feature that is built into our genes. For me, building the 'Yulia 34' was the ultimate challenge.

I got inspired in the eighties when we frequently presented our shipyard and its flat bottom boats on the exhibitions in Hamburg and Düsseldorf. Present there as well were the stands of Boesch, Riva and other Italian shipyards. The beauty of these boats stood out and it has been our wish ever since to build a similar boat on our family yard.

And now finally this product from Jachtwerf Joh. van der Meulen can be enjoyed and admired. Under the name Yuliayachting we are proud to present our fully handmade ship to the world.

The dream of a headstrong shipbuilder has finally come true.

Henk van der Meulen.

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