The ship yard

A small tour around the yard

On the shipyard at the Selfhelpweg (at the industrial area 'De Woudvaart' in Sneek) we are working on preserving divers types of ships. Most of the ships we renovate are part of our cultural inheritance and some date before 1900.

Our yard that has been registered with the Chamber of Commerce since 1880 probably exists even longer. We have found adverts dated the year 1836 asking for an unwed ship carpenters hand.

The current location in Sneek has been used by the Van der Meulens since 1962. We have two big hangars and a smaller workshop for the ships. We have other facilities including a longitudinal slipway up to 30 tons, a side slipway up till 60 tons, boat houses for permanent berths and seasonal (winter) accommodation. Additionally we have a harbour for permanent outdoor berths.

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Aerial photograph of the shipyard during its 125 year anniversary

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