The layout is generous and luxurious. It includes an ample round bench, a large galley and design table.

Layout of the open cockpit

As driver of this unique ship you can place yourselves at the port side on a two seater bench, which can also be used for storage. This gives you a view on the walnut dashboard, with all necessary data of the motors and the electrical systems. Behind this bench on the port side are two steps, mahogany with lining, to ease the stepping in and out. The same applies to the starboard side where you will also find two steps. These steps all have indirect lighting.

Starboard side

On the starboard side you will find the galley, which is fitted with a safe diesel-stoked cooker from Wallas with sink and a mixing tap for hot and cold water. The galley can be covered with a lid, clad with marine blue leather cloth and can therefore also be used as a bench. The front of the galley is fitted with an ample fridge of 85 l. content and running on 12 V. Furthermore it has a cupboard with planking. This has been assembled in mahogany and finished off with a high brilliance two-pack coating.

Round bench, table and floor

The round bench offers place to six people. Under the round bench you will find large lockers to be used for items such as the fenders and the mooring lines. The lockers can be easily accessed via hatch covers at the front side of the bench.

The design table at the centre of the round bench is the perfect place to serve beverages and food. Holes in the table ensure the bottles and glasses can be placed safely. The table has been varnished with a two-pack coating. The foot has been partially varnished and finished with white leather cloth.

The cockpit floor is furnished with blue water resistant floor covering. It can be easily removed for inspection of the tanks.

Behind the cockpit

Behind the cockpit a convertible hood has been stowed away under hatches that have been finished with marine blue leather cloth. After activating the convertible hood system the hatches will automatically open and once the hood has been raised will also automatically close again.

The sun deck is placed behind the hood construction. The perfect place to sunbath on a mattress of white leather cloth with blue lining. The mattress can be partially raised so you can enjoy the sun lying or sitting up, while admiring the scenery or perhaps the person waterskiing behind the boat. The sundeck also forms the entrance to the engine compartment, it can be automatically opened. Via the sundeck you can reach the swim plateau. The plateau, which consists of two treads, is situated slightly above the waterline. The retractable stainless steel swim ladder is constructed under the plateau and can be easily handled. The ladder will let you get in and out of the water in a comfortable and easy way. After swimming you can rinse yourself with the help of the swim shower. It is installed in the back side of the swim plateau and is equipped with a mixing tap.

Chromed brass and stainless steel 316 fittings

In and around the whole ship chromed brass and polished stainless steel fittings can be seen. The stainless steel is 316 steel, which is seawater resistant. The greater part of the stainless steel fittings is manufactured for this ship alone and not a standard model. The windscreen is fitted with hardened glass, there is the option to choose for a darker shading. On both sides of the sundeck stainless steel hand rails have been installed to ensure personal balance and to secure the fenders. At the stern two massive chromed bollards have been constructed to ease the mooring of the ship. The filler caps for water and fuel placed in the gangway are finished with polished stainless steel. On both sides of the ship you will find three retractable cleats. The ship has a bullet shaped cleat amidships the forward deck with eyes for guiding the mooring lines. Four closed portholes have been incorporated in the forward deck to ensure lighting in the below deck accommodation. The portholes are protected from damage by stainless steel handles.

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